Notaras’ Mansion

In Ano Trikala there was the house of the Notaras family, who came from Istanbul and settled in Trikala in the beginning of the 16th century. In the area, there is still the mansion, in which Agios Gerasimos Notaras (1506-1579) was born, whose body lies miraculously whole in Kefalonia.

The house of Tsaldaris

In Kamari there is the family abode of the lawyer and politician Panagis Tsaldaris. He was Prime Minister for two times (1932-1935) and he was a distinguished personality of the Conservative Party and leader of the People’s Party during the years between the wars.

Kordis Tower

Northwest, at an altitude of 690 meter is located the village “Pyrgos”. The history of the village begins after fall of Constantinople, when the rich and powerful Mamonas family arrived. Mamonas family built there a three-floor building in 1580 with a bridge that went up and down. This tower is Read more…

Agios Vlasios Church

On the central square of Xylokastro is located the historical church of Agios Vlasios. The church is religious symbol as to the architectural style and the painting. Agios Vlasios is the protector of the town. The history reveals that the church was built in the place of a smaller church Read more…

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