• Location:Archaeological Site of Sicyon (Vasiliko), 202 00, Korinthia
  • Tel.(+30) 2742028900
  • Opening hours:
    08:00-15:00 daily (Monday closed)
  • Ticket: €2 general, €1 reduced Free entrance on:
    27th of September, World Tourism Day/ Every Sunday from November 1st until March 31st

Archaeological Museum of Sicyon

Archaeological Museum of Sicyon is situated from 1935 in a section of a roman bath (Thermae) and it is located on the north side of agora of the Hellenistic and roman city.
In the museum exhibit treasures found in Ancient Sicyon and in the other areas nearby and also from the city of Stymphalos, the city of Pellini and the Pitson Cave, and the date back from the Mycenean period to Early Christianity.
The most important exhibits are the Mycenean pots from Xylokastro, the signs, the sculptures, the ceramic objects and the figurines from Ancient Sicyon.
The building is decorated with mosaic floors, which come from houses and in the yard of the museum there are early Christian and Byzantine sculptures.

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