• Location:  Kyra - Vrysi, P.O. 20 100, Isthmia (Korinthia Region)
  • Tel.:+30 27410 37244
  • Open hours:
    Monday: closed
    Tuesday-Sunday: 08.30-15.00
  • Ticket: General: €2, Reduced: €1

Archaeological Museum of Isthmia

Archaeological Museum of Isthmia is located next to the extended Archaeological site. It has two rooms with findings of great value from the excavations in Isthmia and Kechrees, the second harbor of ancient Corinth.

Among the findings, there is the wooden gate of the Temple of Isida in Kehrees, Mosaics of glass panels i.e. a kind of plaster in the "opus sectile" technique, bearing pictorial representations of birds, fishes, plants, human figures, such as the figure of Homer or Plato, a marble perirrhanterion of 7th century from the temple of Poseidon, marble statues of victors at the Isthmian Games and a great collection of weapons and helmets.

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